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Resources for Recovery Toolkit

Welcome to the Mental Health Education Center! The following resources are designed for people with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder to support mental health recovery discussions. These resources may help with conversations on setting goals, identifying appropriate treatment options, life skills, support, and more.

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Goal Setting

These resources include activities to help you choose and set goals, as well as tips for moving forward toward recovery goals.

Download All Goal-setting Worksheets.

Choosing Your Goals

Help you to identify how satisfied or happy you are in life areas and decide in which areas you want to make changes and set some new goals.

Setting Your Goals

Help you set new recovery goals that are meaningful and important to YOU.

Exploring Your Beliefs About Medication

It can help to be aware of and understand your beliefs.

Budgeting and Personal Finances

Use this worksheet to participate in budgeting and setting goals for managing your monthly finances.

Choosing the Right Services for You

A list of programs and services to support your mental health recovery journey.

Choices in Recovery Newsletter 1 Continuity of Care

Help you prepare for changes in care and stay on course with your treatment plan.

Choices in Recovery - "Goal Setting"

Provides you with information and exercises to help you build goal-setting skills.

Treatment Discussions

These resources include strategies for talking with your treatment team, ways to think through your treatment beliefs, and tips for taking an active role in your treatment, wellness, and recovery.

Download All Treatment Discussion Worksheets.

My Treatment and Recovery Log: Helping Me to Stay on Track

Use this journal to write down your treatment and medication preferences and recovery history.

Making Medication Decisions

Help begin a conversation with your treatment team.

Preparing for a Doctor Visit

Go through this worksheet by yourself or with a member of your treatment team to prepare for your next doctor appointment.

Understanding Mental Health Relapse

Use this worksheet to take control of your recovery journey.

Medication Thoughts and Strategies

It may be helpful to talk with your doctor or other treatment team members about the way you think about medication.

Choices in Recovery - Medication Newsletter

Empowers you to partner with your doctor around medication and treatment decisions.


These resources can help you figure out what job may fit your skills, create a plan for starting a new job, and get tips for keeping the job you want.

Download All Work Worksheets.

Preparing to Get a Job

Partner with your treatment team and share your preferences and values about employment.

Choosing the Right Job for YOU

Figure out what kind of work experience you are ready for and want to have.

Starting and Keeping a Job

If you have decided to return to work, this worksheet can help you be better prepared to start and keep the job you want.

Staying on Track With Recovery

These resources can help with tasks ranging from budgeting to education about relapse to choosing services and making decisions for your recovery journey. It’s all here to help you stay on track.

Download All Staying On Track With Recovery Worksheets.

Making Recovery Decisions

Use this worksheet to begin a conversation with your treatment team about your preferences and to make an informed decision that is best for your needs.

Choices in Recovery Newsletter User Guide 2 Problem Solving in Recovery

Encourages people living with serious mental health conditions to identify and understand the problems they face in order to find the best solutions for them.

Choices in Recovery Newsletter 2 Problem Solving in Recovery

Finding the right treatment options for you is an important part of your recovery process.

Choices in Recovery - "Making Choices"

Making choices and decisions along the mental health recovery journey is part of the process.

Support Network

This resource can help you identify the people in your support network and what role they play in your recovery journey.

Download All Support Network Worksheets.

Making Decisions Together: Being an Active Partner in Your Treatment and Recovery

Mental health recovery is a lifelong journey. There are ups and downs and twists and turns along the way, but it’s important to be hopeful.

Your Support Network

The people who can support you in your recovery journey and decisions are called your support network.

Choices in Recovery - "Partners in Care"

Helps you involve loved ones in your recovery journey in ways that feel comfortable to each of you.

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